FOUNDATIONAL: A Therapist's Guide To Homeschool | Comprehensive Course

Guide to go from homeschool curious to officially enrolled

Create a homeschool plan that supports your child's mental health and development

Learn to homeschool your differently wired child with Autism, ADHD or high sensitivity 

What you'll get:

  • Therapist's advice for creating a homeschool plan for children's mental health (11 modules, mixed media)
  • Step-by-step guide to homeschooling as a working parent or parent who needs breaks
  • Therapist's strategies for homeschooling children with 'spirited' temperaments, ADHD & Autism
  • Educational tips from charter homeschool teacher
  • Presentation of the data on homeschool, Autism & ADHD from psychological research assistant
  • 50 US State guide to building social community
  • Printable PDF journaling prompts to reach your goals
  • About 5 hours of mixed media content
  • $1100 value priced at special rate of $297!

Informational purposes only. Not medical or mental health advice. There are no refunds on the purchase.

$297.00 USD

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