ESSENTIAL: How to Homeschool for Children's Mental Health | Mini Course

Foster social emotional development, resilience and mental well-being with homeschool

Use the principles of Positive Psychology to create an intentional home education plan

Promote social skills, character and optimal development with concrete evidence-based strategies

What you'll get:

  • Numerous exact strategies helping your child develop the traits for a positive future
  • Therapist tips to build mental health protective factors in children and teens
  • Understand the mental health impact of traditional school and how we can do better for kids
  • PDF journaling prompts
  • About 1 hour of mixed media content
  • Special offer of $97 (Valued at $200)

Informational purposes only. Not medical or mental health advice. There are no refunds on the purchase.

$97.00 USD

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Interested in hearing Teva present to school-based therapists and teachers? Content may be useful to homeschooling parents.