Teva Johnstone is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Parent Educator, and Consultant. She specializes in Autism Parent Training with a main focus of her work helping parents of gender questioning youth. Teva approaches her work from a developmental bio-psycho-social lens that centers family connection. 

Teva held numerous appointed positions with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) in the service of children & youth: Specialty Practice Committee for Children, Youth & Young Adults; NASW-CA Delegacy where she was invited to write positions for the publication of Social Works Speaks and to update the Code of Ethics. Teva served on an advisor panel to national leadership on keeping NASW legitimate for millennials.


Teva is a proud unschooling mom who offers a workshop for parents interested in modern homeschool and unschool. She is passionate about raising spirited and creative kids with a healthy sense of self and believes out-of-classroom learning can be a wonderful way to do that.

Political Leanings

Teva was born and raised in a progressive, interracial, inter-religious, mixed class, Southern California family. She is a lover of free speech and personal liberty. Teva is registered Independent and politically homeless after being a 'lefty' all her life. She is critical of the authoritarian methods used by modern day 'social justice culture,' which is not true social justice at all. Teva views today's left as betraying regular working class families with academic elitist theories and coercive policy. 

Guest Speaker

Teva has been a guest speaker on numerous Autism & Neurodviersity panels for professionals and parents. She spoke on a Gender Dysphoria panel with experts in the field of adolescent gender dysphoria, hosted by the Foundation Against Racism & Intolerance (FAIR). Teva has been a guest on many podcasts where she discusses autism, parenting, gender, and social justice culture.

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