Promote Children's Mental Health & Optimal Development With an Intentional Homeschool

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Your differently wired child can thrive with homeschool

What if I told you your child with ADHD, Autism, or a spirited temperament could have mental well-being and maintain a love of learning? 

What if I told you typical school is made to standardize typical kids and it's ok if your child doesn't fit that mold? 

What if I told you you can homeschool without the role of direct teacher?

Kids like yours who are highly sensitive and intense can do well in the right environment. This includes children with Autism and ADHD.

I know it can be hard to imagine homeschooling when you have a career and need breaks from parenting. 

But it is possible.

It's possible to use homeschool to promote optimal development and reduce risk of the mental health crisis impacting so many kids and teens today.

Keep reading and I'll show you how!


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The online course bundle is here!

In the comprehensive self-paced  *bundle* I teach you how to go from homeschool curious to official.

I teach you how to create a plan that builds resilience, social skills, and character.

I teach you ways to facilitate growth for your neurodivergent child with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing differences.

I help you build community to lean on to prevent overwhelm.

A Therapist's Guide To Homeschool Bundle can help make your homeschooling dreams a reality by mapping out every step of the way.

Here's What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Course
  • Printable Workbook
  • Mini Course


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Learn to Set up the Environment

The 33 page workbook included in the bundle teaches you how to set up the homeschool or unschool environment for kids with sensory processing differences, spirited temperaments, autism & ADHD.

You can view the workbook on your device, or download and print.


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Unlearn the homeschool myths

There are many falsehoods and outdated stereotypes about homeschoolers. You don't have to be a religious conspiracy theorist to homeschool but you can if that fits (lol). Homeschoolers are diverse regular people and our numbers are growing daily.

It's not true homeschoolers are not well socialized. My homeschooler is with friends 5 days a week. Her social skills are well developed and she's a confident leader.

Through homeschool I've been able to maintain my daughter's creativity and curiosity at an age when many kids are refusing school.  I'm also able to take care of myself by being strategic with how I approach homeschool.

Children can have a learning environment that promotes social emotional well-being and maturation. Learning doesn't  have to be a dreadful 40-hour-per-week job.

Kids and teens with autism and ADHD can receive a high quality education and maintain their natural love of learning. They can be social and have mental health. It's within reach with careful planning.

I'll show you how.


Meet your instructor

Teva Johnstone, Therapist

I am a psychotherapist and homeschooling mom.

My thoughts on public school stem from being on approximately seventy IEP teams as the provider responsible for helping students with conditions like autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities meet their social emotional goals.

I was a school-based therapist in 4 California districts over several years, in addition to working in a group private practice that served children with a high number of adverse childhood experiences (ACES) and developmental trauma.

I decided to homeschool my daughter because I wanted to preserve her beautiful spirit and reduce her risk of the mental health issues I observed in the clients I treated. I knew that could best be achieved outside of school. 

I've been a social worker and therapist for almost a decade and have been featured on numerous professional panels and podcasts on the topics of parenting, homeschool, autism and neurodiversity.

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Parents like you and children like yours

A Therapist's Guide To Homeschool *bundle* is for parents interested in homeschooling or unschooling, who would like advice from the perspective of a child therapist on creating a plan that fosters mental health and development. The bundle is for parents who are interested in homeschool but they're unsure how to make it work with a child who is more sensitive and intense.

The online self-paced bundleis a fit for parents considering exiting the schools and for parents with children not yet of school age who are thinking about homeschooling from the very beginning.

The bundle is appropriate for parents of typically developing kids and parents of kids with autism, ADHD or similar traits of sensory and social differences. A diagnosis is not necessary to benefit from the course content.

The bundle is for any parent interested in homeschooling for children's mental health, including working parents. There are several sections specifically for working parents and parents who need breaks for any reason.

A Therapist's Guide To Homeschool *bundle* is for parents who want to know how to make homeschool a success and who are willing to think outside of the box for the well-being of their child.

PS. I am a working mom who needs breaks, I get it.

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You don't have to homeschool alone

It's hard to imagine because you're imagining doing it on your own. Let that part go.

Pursuing a parenting path that is different from the norm can feel daunting, which is why I created A Therapist's Guide To Homeschool comprehensive bundle. You don't have to figure this out on your own and it's easier and more fun if you don't.

The course will help you give your child better than the status quo so they can have a rich education and be emotionally and socially well.

Homeschool families have doubled in recent years and quadrupled among some demographics! Parents are waking up to the fact that they have options. We are an enthusiastic and diverse bunch who share the value of giving children a developmentally aligned learning environment that fosters social and emotional well-being.

In the course bundle I teach you how to find a community so you can join the growing number of happy homeschoolers (yes, even if you are introverted). I also teach you how to homeschool while entirely skipping over the role of direct teacher so you can preserve your parent child relationship and ensure your child receives a high quality educational environment.

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I know you have doubts...

  • Can you do it as a working parent?
  • What if you have ADHD?
  • What if you don't really want to teach?
  • What if your child has ADHD or autism or they are inflexible and argumentative?
  • Can you do it as a single mom?
  • What if you have social anxiety?
  • How would you prevent burnout?
  • What if your child is intense and doesn't like when you play 'teacher'?
  • How will your child be socialized without school?
  • What should you have in your home?
  • How will you prevent emotional outbursts?
  • Can you provide a good enough homeschool?

I teach on all these topics in the course bundle!


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Look inside the main course..


What's Included in the Bundle

  • Comprehensive Online Course: A Therapist's Guide to Homeschool  // 11 Modules, approximately 4 hours, mixed media, PDFs reflection exercises taught by child therapist with special guest charter homeschool teacher
  • Mini Course: How to Homeschool Without Playing Teacher // 4 Modules, approximately 1.5 hours of mixed media that solves your biggest challenges homeschooling more intense children, autistic & ADHD kids
  • Course Workbook: How to Set up the Homeschool Environment // 33 pages of printable PDF guide to promote regulation, cooperation & learning


Upon Completing the Bundle, You Will Learn

How to get started with homeschool and make it official

How to pull your kids out of school with careful attention to their psychological well-being and social development

How to homeschool to promote children's mental health and development of character traits for resilience and maturation

How to homeschool as a working parent with any schedule and how to get space for yourself

How to homeschool without playing the role of a typical teacher

How to homeschool kids who are less flexible and have a high need for autonomy 

What the different homeschool and unschool models are and how to select and option for your family's needs, child's temperament or disability + state laws

What the research says is necessary to homeschool autistic and ADHD children

How to find and build social community to lean on so you can prevent overwhelm

Curated curricula and resources from professionals in eduction, social work, special education, and seasoned homeschooling parents

Learn to Homeschool

Invest in Your Child's Well-being

The best rate on A Therapist's Guide to Homeschool is offered before the countdown expires. When the countdown expires the financial investment increases and the offer doesn't come with the mini course or the workbook.

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Joyful Learning is Possible

Don't miss out on the comprehensive course bundle to help you foster mental health and development in your child or teen without compromising your relationship or peace in your home.

Join the millions of homeschooling parents making their wishes a reality with an intentional plan for social and emotional development, creativity, and joy in learning.

Feel at ease with high quality guidance from a child therapist, social worker, and homeschooling mom.

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A Better Educational Experience Awaits Your Family


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