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Is Autism An Identity?

Yes and no.

Autism is an identity for some adults who have found community with others who share a diagnosis. The impact of autism on their lives is so significant that they feel a sense of deep...

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Is Autism A Behavioral Disorder?

No, autism is not a behavioral disorder.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Those who are uncomfortable with the language of 'disorder' can swap that term for 'disability' or 'condition.'


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Is My Child Disordered?

No. Your child is not disordered. 

Many of the mental health conditions and neurodevelopmental disabilities in the DSM 5, the manual US clinicians use to diagnose clients, end in the word...

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High Sensitivity or Something More?

Highly Sensitive Child or Autism?

I'm often asked by parents who follow me on Instagram some variation of: "How do I know if my child is just highly sensitive or if there's something more?"


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