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I am a psychotherapist who provides autism parent training, group education, and therapy to parents of differently wired and/or gender questioning youth. I provide psychotherapy for California moms pertaining to maternal mental health.

My work is grounded in a relationship-based, developmental approach with an emphasis on prevention of childhood mental health issues.

My areas of focus are respectful parenting & autism, navigating the 'culture war' while raising children, and homeschooling/unschooling differently wired kids.

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Neurodiversity + Autism

I was inspired to focus my practice on differently wired kids when I became a mother to a mover and a shaker. I noticed a huge gap in knowledge and dignified treatment of autistic, highly sensitive and "spirited" kids, so I made it my mission to help turn things around within the field of mental health.

Professional Practice

When I opened my child therapy practice I learned there was a huge need for parental care, education and support. My advanced training in maternal mental health allows me to support California moms with specialized care.

Autism + Gender Diversity

I've made a few waves due to sharing publicly my concern about pediatric medical gender transition. The topic of gender is directly related to the ethical treatment of autistic and traumatized youth.

Cali Life

I live in Southern California and homeschool my daughter in a beautiful little corner of the universe.




Vanessa Mae Rameer, BA Psychology 

Vanessa is my right hand gal and research assistant! She keeps the information used in course creation up-to-date with high quality scholarly literature. She maintains the Amazon Shop and other tech. Vanessa is a creative psychology geek who is pursuing higher education while running a super cool online merch store.


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Live and let live.

Parents have a right to raise their children aligned with their own values. Childhood matters and is worth protecting.


Good enough parenting.

We accept imperfection in ourselves and our children. We extend grace to ourselves and our kids.


Parent the child you have.

Build on our children's strengths, honor their differences and respectfully nurture their growth.

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"Your page literally makes me feel sane. I am grateful for everything you talk about. It's sort of a scary place for parents right now and having influencers like you not shy away from difficult topics is so valuable. Thank you!"
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"Just wanted to say that I am so grateful for your courage and obvious compassion for our kids. You are doing meaningful work!"
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Licensed Clinical Social Worker // CA103826

Master's of Social Work // Azusa Pacific University

Certified DIR Floortime Practitioner // ICDL

Certified Autism-Informed Professional // PESI

Certified Trauma Professional // PESI 

Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment // SMART Moves LLC

Autistic Mental Health and Well-being // Judy Endow, LCSW for Autism Society

Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders // Postpartum Support International





Early Child Development

  • Co-led developmental play groups ages 0-3yo

  • Constructed sensorimotor play space
  • Facilitated psychoeducation respectful parent groups 

  • Facilitated maternal mental health postpartum groups

School-based Developmental Disabilities

  • Therapist on IEP team for social emotional goals

  • Advocate for neurodivergent students

  • Consultant for parents & multidisciplinary team

  • Contracted with underserved school districts

Foster Youth, Trauma & Parenting

  • Provided psychoeducation on parenting abused & traumatized children

  • Supervised visits with biological parents and coached parents on attachment

  • Supported for foster families during adoption planning & finalization
  • Wrote and Evaluated Home Studies for County of Ventura & non-profit

Private Practice Psychotherapy

  • Trauma-informed play therapy and talk therapy for youth

  • Parent psychotherapy & Maternal Mental Health

  • DIR Floortime, TF-CBT & Autism specialized support, gender exploration

  • Advocacy for children & parents

Education & Coaching

  • Autism Parent Training

  • Group coaching membership

  • Autism and neurodiversity guest speaker

  • Developmental, culturally sensitive & holistic approach