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I am a former child therapist who provides autism parent training, group education, and support to parents of differently wired youth.

My work is grounded in a relationship-based, developmental approach with an emphasis on prevention of childhood mental health issues.

My areas of focus are respectful parenting & autism, navigating the 'culture war' while raising children, and homeschooling/unschooling differently wired kids.

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Autism + Neurodiversity

I was inspired to focus my practice on differently wired kids when I became a mother to a spirited child. Professionally, I noticed a gap in knowledge and dignified treatment of autistic and highly sensitive kids, so I made it my mission to help turn things around within the field of mental health.

Professional Practice

When I opened my child therapy practice I learned there was a need for parental care, education and support. I pivoted my approach to more broadly assist parents.

Gender Diversity

I've made a few waves due to sharing publicly my concern about pediatric gender transition. The topic of gender is directly related to the ethical treatment of autistic and traumatized youth.


I am passionate about children thriving in educational settings. I believe out-of-classroom and self-directed education is one way to foster optimal mental health and protect children's natural creativity. Many parents are dissatisfied with the school environment and seek my help.

Cali Life

I live in Southern California and homeschool my daughter in a beautiful little corner of the universe.




Vanessa Mae Rameer, BA Psychology 

Vanessa is my right hand gal and research assistant! She keeps the information used in course creation up-to-date with high quality scholarly literature. She maintains the Amazon Shop and other tech. Vanessa is a creative psychology geek who is pursuing higher education while running a super cool online merch store.


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Children's Mental Health

I am interested in prevention. I help parents understand protective and risk factors. Childhood matters.


Autism Parenting

Autistic children need informed & flexible parents. We offer respect for differences while promoting development.


Unschool & Homeschool

Honoring children's differences and fostering mental wellness means being intentional about their educational environment. 

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"Your page literally makes me feel sane. I am grateful for everything you talk about. It's sort of a scary place for parents right now and having influencers like you not shy away from difficult topics is so valuable. Thank you!"
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"Just wanted to say that I am so grateful for your courage and obvious compassion for our kids. You are doing meaningful work!"
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Master's of Social Work // Azusa Pacific University

Certified DIR Floortime Practitioner // ICDL

Certified Autism-Informed Professional // PESI

Certified Trauma Professional // PESI 

Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment // SMART Moves LLC

Autistic Mental Health and Well-being // Judy Endow, LCSW for Autism Society

Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders // Postpartum Support International





Early Child Development

  • Co-led developmental play groups

  • Constructed sensorimotor play space
  • Facilitated psychoeducational parent groups 

  • Facilitated maternal mental health postpartum support groups

School-based Developmental Disabilities

  • Therapist on IEP team for social emotional goals

  • Advocate for neurodivergent students

  • Consultant for parents & multidisciplinary team

  • Contractor with underserved school districts

Foster Youth, Trauma & Parenting

  • Provided psychoeducation for parenting abused & traumatized children

  • Supervised visits with biological parents and coached parents on attachment

  • Supported foster families during adoption planning & finalization
  • Wrote and evaluated Home Studies for County Child Welfare & non-profit

Private Practice Psychotherapy

  • Trauma-informed play therapy and talk therapy for youth

  • Parent psychotherapy & Maternal Mental Healthcare

  • DIR Floortime, TF-CBT & Autism specialized support

  • Advocacy for children & parents

Education & Coaching

  • Autism Parent Training

  • Group coaching parent membership

  • Autism & Neurodiversity guest speaker

  • Children's mental health consulting
  • Unschooling course creator