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Teva Johnstone, LCSW #103826

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Psychotherapy for Parents
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Mental Health Therapy for Parents


Parenting & Maternal Mental Health

I provide support and treatment to mothers (and fathers) struggling with depression & anxiety in the postpartum period and beyond.

I counsel parents who have more intense and highly sensitive infants and 'strong-willed' children, including children with autism (or suspected autism), ADHD, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Compulsive Social Media Use 

If you are struggling to function due to how much time you spend on your smartphone, gaming, or social media, I can help you make therapeutic lifestyle changes to restore your brain's balance.

If you want more presence with your children instead of mindlessly scrolling, I can help you create healthier, long-lasting habits from a place of personal experience, evidence-based training and zero judgement. 

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I'm Teva.

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California Psychotherapy


Licensed Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist in California. I serve parents struggling with anxiety, depression, and a compulsive use of social media.

I provide education and evidence-based consultation to parents having a difficult time with their child's confusing or troubling behavior.

I supervise Associate Therapists in California who are registered with the BBS. Therapists I supervise see children, teens & families impacted by ASD, ADHD, life adjustments, school issues, and developmental trauma.

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"Teva has a deep understanding of human behavior and the role of attachment in child development. She is gifted in holding space for others while honoring the uniqueness and individuality of each person."

Holly Peretz, MS, Occupational Therapist

"You do good work, have heartfelt compassion and curiosity mixed with sound theory and knowledge. You have held families in crisis and calm."

Carol Castanon, MA, Former Executive Director of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center