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I teach parents how to homeschool for children's mental health and optimal development.

Raising children who thrive doesn't have to involve expensive therapies. Prevention of mental illness doesn't have to be complicated or exclusive to credentialed 'experts.'

With the knowledge gained from nearly a decade as a child therapist and social worker, I teach parents how to use homeschool as a potent tool in the promotion of well-being and resilience.

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"Teva has a deep understanding of human behavior and the role of attachment in child development. She is gifted in holding space for others while honoring the uniqueness and individuality of each person."

Holly Peretz, MS, Occupational Therapist

"You do good work, have heartfelt compassion and curiosity mixed with sound theory and knowledge. You have held families in crisis and calm."

Carol Castanon, MA, Former Executive Director of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center